Camera Systems

When designing a camera system it’s important to know these things:

How long do you want to keep the video before it is erased by new video?
Most people go between 2 weeks and 30 days. It is possible to keep video indefinitely by moving those files to a permanent memory location, such as a DVD or external hard disk.

How much quality do you need to view those cameras?
Everyone likes quality but the bad part is tat more quality means more upfront costs. A good picture nowadays is 640X480 pixels. That’s 4 CIF but nowadays you can go all the way up to 2560X1080 pixels which is HD. This goes along with the first question of how much memory or how many days do you need to record those images.

We only carry Professional Grade security equipment and that equals quality for you.

This is not the same type of surveillance camera equipment that you might have seen at your local discount store. Sometimes the same manufacturer designs several lines of products in order to attract different customer’s levels. The highest quality line of every manufacturer is their Professional Grade line and that is all we carry.